Cafezinho (Brazilian coffee)

Brazilian chocolates Nothing special about these, but the one with biscuit (orange wrapper) is yummy — sorta similar to Nestle’s Crunch, except you get bits of cookie instead of puffed rice.

To make the coffee, brew 1/4 cup ground Brazilian coffee in 2 cups cold water brought just to the boiling point. I did mine in a saucepan and poured it through our drip coffee maker’s coffee filter. In Brazil you would use a flannel funnel, which I can’t find here (I did find some hollowed out gourds for drinking yerba mate, though I think I’ll stick to my cup, thank you:). The resulting coffee is much like espresso, but various sources say Brazilians like their coffee sweetened with lots of sugar. We also tried cafe com leite, which is simply cafezinho with milk. I followed the recipe in The South American Table by Maria Baez Kijac. Serve in demitasse cups. (The cup here is part of a set that our 14-year old gifted us with when we went to Italy).