– we traveled twice to St. Lou/Cape and back
– I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; The Omnivore’s Dilemma; Persuasion; Northanger Abbey; finishing up Mansfield Park today
– tried out Door-to-Door Organics and didn’t like it
– wintersowed roughly 46 seeds, with at least 4x more coming in the next few weeks
– changed our phone plan to something $10 cheaper and has an additional phone
– got classic clothes for the boys (yay!) — no logos, no printing, no rude language, etc.
– the boys finished 15+ chapter books between themselves, mostly older editions (gotta love Michael O’Brien!)
– was invited to help moderate a couple of forums at 4Real, and said yes
– placed my last seed order of the season
– am now looking into trellises and vegetable ladders for the warm-weather crops
– scored 200000 on Zuma 🙂
– reorganized a BUNCH of files and folders on my actual desk — the desktop and laptop are next
– figured out which car is giving off the gassy smell in the garage 🙁
– implemented a new and improved chore chart at home
– started a fitness chart (water, veggies and exercise) for everyone, that hasn’t caught on yet, but we have hope
– had our parish vicar over for dinner and counseling
– had 3 separate allergy attacks from exposure to cats, which can’t be helped
– requested 30 more books today
– put up our “photography studio” in the basement for annual portraits and such
– the boys both placed second at Pinewood Derby
– went on our second month of Daily Rosaries, hopefully establishing a habit that we won’t be deviating from

all in all, a productive month…