One of the things I promised myself to do this Lenten season is to learn how to pray the Divine Office. As a poorly catechized Catholic, I still get things mixed up, so I *think* the Divine Office is the same as the Liturgy of the Hours, and the Breviary, but please don’t take my word for it.

For two years we subscribed to Magnificat, which is a beautiful publication, but I found that I was the only one really using it, because it would go on my desk or my bedside table or my purse… I need something that the whole family can use and that we can share. Of course, I can’t just get anything without doing my research bit…

So today I googled “breviary” at the 4real site and found several links. I won’t share those here because the point of this post is to sift out the stuff that we do need and will use. But look at what I stumbled on right away:

What a blessing! Jenn linked to Elizabeth’s post: The Rhythm of Prayer in one of the threads. God bless her, I feel like she wrote the post just for me! It contains all the answers to the questions I have on my list, and links to the books I’ve been planning to check out. Don’t you love it when these things happen?

We have the Patmos missal for children and it is just beautiful, there’s no doubt in my mind the other Patmos publications will be beautiful as well. I will be asking dh and kids which ones I should get first /which ones we are most likely to use together, so I may amend this post with more links as need be…

A primer on what it’s all about

ETA 2/25/08: Someone from the CTNGREG list sent this link to his project:

The Divine Office in Latin! With English…. Beautiful.