In bed this morning, still sleepy.

Yena: Mom, how long can nuns speak?
Mom: Depends on the order. Some nuns don’t speak a lot because they’ve taken a vow of silence, some can speak as long as they want.
Yena: Nuns can’t speak, but they can breathe, right Mom?
Mom: Yes.
Yena: I want to be a nun that can speak as long as I want.
Mom: Okay.

The other day, coming in breathlessly from playing outside with the newly arrived organic soil, pausing long enough to put her shoes on.

Yena: Mom, we’re going to put it in the wheelbarrel!
Mom: I think you mean “wheelbarrow”.
Yena: Yes, wheelbarrel!!
Mom: No, Yen, it’s wheel, barrow.
Yena: Oh. (trying again) wheelbarrel! (then laughing)
Mom: Try it: wheel…. barrow…
Yena: Reelbarrow!!
Mom: I give up.

At 3 am 2 nights ago… in the family bed…

Yena stretches, grunts, moans softly, like she’s dreaming…. then whines… and then, from the depths of her dreamy state: “…..bored…!!!”
Her dad and me? Laughing Out Loud. Only Yena can dream about being bored.