for Papa and Mama’s continued health.
for T and M’s marriage — for strength to persevere through the trials.
for A’s conversion, and a life-changing experience.

Health for Bong always. Protection from temptation. That people will see him for the wonderful person he is, especially those closest to his heart.
Protection for Aisa. And health. That she can always guard her heart wisely. That men will see her worth and want to deserve and be worthy of her.
Protection for Paco. And health. That he will come to know God more. That he will be able to offer his life to the Lord. That he will always make wise decisions.
Protection for Migi. And health. That he will learn to overcome/manage anger. That he will trust our love. That he will be able to overcome any insecurities.
Protection and continued health for Yena. For continued growth in faith in the Lord.

Random prayers:
For the 4real moms — and all of their families, and intentions.

Specific events. 5/22/08

For the upcoming months, that they be fraught with joy and promise. That the path will become clearer for us, especially for Aisa.
For September events. Aisa’s graduation and party in particular.
For the baby’s coming.
For our endless decluttering effort to be over.
For the basement to be completely decluttered and ready for fun.
For the ability to focus on first things.
For discipline in myself and in the kids.