It’s already begun. If you’re still wondering whether Palin should get your vote or not, please read this post from Elizabeth.

An excerpt:

We stand here at a precipice. We can elect a president who believes that babies who don’t die in the course of abortion should be left to die alone on a dirty shelf in a hospital. Or we can elect a solidly pro-life team of candidates. The truth is, Christian women can make or break this election and the appointment of the next justices to the Supreme Court. It greatly disturbs me to read the buzz out there. We need to come to our senses. Christian women who are threatening to stay at home instead of voting for a woman who has a baby and growing family are really missing a valuable point. And it’s a point we miss again and again on large and small scales.

And this from Erin:

Gov. Palin is the only person who knows whether she can fulfill her role as mother while also serving as this country’s vice-president. But I don’t think we can say that being a mother automatically disqualifies a person from such service. The powerful witness to the value of innocent human life made present by her children, especially baby Trig, is hard to ignore in this culture that values slick notions of perfection and hides away or aborts or euthanizes those we deem less than perfect. And the angry feminism that pits mothers against their children might benefit from seeing an example of how it is possible to take an active role in the world without neglecting the most important role of all, that of motherhood.

Gov. Palin is a Christian, pro-life, a mother and one tough gal (just google her experience in fighting corruption and being the voice of her people)… I’m sure she’s not perfect, but looking at her, I can’t help but nod in agreement with others who are reminded of the Proverbs 31 woman or the Sirach 26 woman. She does make us look like slackers, doesn’t she 😉 , and having her as VP would send out a powerful message to all our young women out there. I certainly wouldn’t mind holding her up in front of my daughter as someone she might want to emulate. And I daresay even Mama Mary would approve.