Nina over at the forum asks about Sarah Palin being pro-contraception. I googled after she asked, but couldn’t find a definitive answer besides the single source American Papist mentions here — no confirmation or denial either after that article. If anyone has the answer, please comment.

This doesn’t change my vote even if it were true. My #1 issue is abortion, and we already know Sarah Palin is solid on this position. While I would love a candidate who is also against artificial contraception, I realize that this may only happen when we have a REAL PRACTICING CATHOLIC on the platform. McCain is not 100% perfect either given his stance on embryonic stem cell research. But I’d rather have these two in office than pro-abortion people. I’m also anti-war, but we are not morally obligated to withdraw support from a candidate on this issue, it’s just something I feel strongly about personally. That doesn’t mean it’s unimportant… just that I’ll take what I can get for now.