Health Care, Health Care, and More Health Care (anyone feel their head’s going to explode yet?):

Rep. Tom Price admonishes govt-takeover of healthcare — Rep. Tom Price is an MD and professor.
Five Freedoms Lost Under Obamacare which references this article in CNN
Section 1233 authors are major proponents of euthanasia, assisted suicide — people with aging parents, take heed!
Archbishop Chaput: Act now to ensure health care reform respects sanctity of life, and American Papist’s comments are worth reading too
Whole Foods CEO weighs in!
And Sarah Palin too
– and the confusion continues: Catholic Charities, de Paul Society Supporting Abortion-Providing Health Care Plan — I really need a compilation of AUTHENTIC, faithful Catholic charities! Does such a list exist yet?

Monastic Whole Wheat Bread from the Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity

Two new resources for learning and teaching about sexuality — in line with Church teaching: Dr. Wetzel’s books on Sexual Wisdom

Capital Punishment: Drawing the Line Between Doctrine and Opinion

Please pray for this faithful bishop!

With all the healthcare talk, thank you, Lord for people who are funny!

If Bible Had Been Twittered and Part II (don’t forget to check out the comments sections, there are funny ones there too! More from Roz


Really neat “Recycled Bottle Torch”adding it to the Project List!

on Submission: Why It Makes Sense to Me to Be Obedient — from Jen at Conversion Diary

Excellent project on the Reformation, headed by Fr. Mitch Pacwa