Pick an African country (we will do at least 3 each) for inclusion in our Adventure: Africa scrapbook. Use flags from Usborne Flags Sticker Book and choose facts and figures to copy. Work on these for the next 3 days.

Read Aloud: Wangari’s Trees of Peace and Planting the Trees of Kenya

Activity 1: Make tree collage with Mom. Inside each tree write your narration of Wangari’s story and number each tree so your narration can be read in order.

Activity 2: Research 3 of the trees Wangari planted and make a page for each of them. Put these in the “Flora and Fauna” section of our Adventure: Africa scrapbook.

Mom and older kids: Read Wangari Maathai’s thoughts on religion, wars and resources. What do you think of her views about the priesthood? Her view of how our world’s resources are managed?

All Ye Lands, pp. 269-273. Take notes and make entries into Book of Centuries/Adventure: Africa scrapbook.

Make Classic Vegetarian Cooking from the Middle East and North Africa :

Marrakesh Rice and Lentil Soup, p. 76
Algerian Salad, p. 96
Date Fruit Cup, p. 266
Pita Bread