1 large Maridol papaya, de-seeded and cut into large chunks
1 pear, de-seeded
1 peach, de-stoned and peeled if desired
1 inch ginger root, peeled
4 mint leaves
water to keep blender running
ice cubes if serving right away

Blend blend blend.

When I was younger I preferred my papaya semi-ripe, just past the stage where it turns orange, midway between crunchy and chewy. Dipped in vinegar and salt, it was the perfect summer afternoon snack in the tropics. We had several papaya trees in the yard and they invariably became the subject of conversation between my parents and visitors to the house, i.e., how many fruits each tree yielded in a year, etc. I never enjoyed it the way my parents did, just sliced and de-seeded and the flesh scooped with a spoon… until many years later when in a sudden burst of homesickness I pounced upon the lone papaya in the store. It wasn’t as good as I remembered but good enough as to awaken the dormant papaya lover in me. I started buying the papaya spears bottled in simple syrup, made bowls upon bowls of Pinoy fruit salad studded with the orange fruit (I’d be happy with JUST papaya, condensed milk and cream, to be honest), and tried different papayas from the stores, more often disappointed than not and usually ending up having to content myself with the canned stuff. It’s a good thing Americans have finally figured out which cultivars are best. These days I can find small personal sized papayas, plus the larger ones just like those from my parents’ trees.

So I made this smoothie tonight that’s supposedly for dieters but I don’t see how this could be considered diet food, seeing as it’s so delish. And as always I didn’t follow the recipe I found because I don’t believe in taking a fruit and using 1/2 of it just because that’s what the recipe called for. Whenever I do that I end up with a dozen halves or thirds of vegetable or fruit that grow moldy in the fridge because I had forgotten about them waiting for another recipe. I filled most of the Vita-Mix container and transferred the blended stuff into a Ziploc and stuck it in the freezer, so tomorrow when the hubby comes home I’ll have it partially defrosted and run quickly in the blender again for an insta-snack. I’m sure the kids will complain about it not being sweet enough so I’ll let them drizzle in a bit of agave nectar.

It’s not exactly locavore fare, maybe one of these days I’ll find a farmer that sells those pawpaws they talk so much about on the locavore list. I hear they’re just like papayas only better. Hm.