Mom: I injured my index finger last week, and now I injured my middle finger! What’s next?
Yena, 10: Maybe that’s why God gave you five fingers.

At lunch:

Mom: Wow, my finger is healing really well! I wish I had taken pictures to document the healing process!
Yena: Or, you could cut it again!

I bought some gummy vitamins again, something I don’t do all the time because I prefer the kids get all their nutrients via food/the sun :).
Nino can now take two gummy bears a day, so we give him one in the morning and one in the evening. He doesn’t quite get the concept yet so we tell him he can get the next one when it’s light/dark. This morning at breakfast:

Nino, 3: Can I have another gummy bear now? (after having his morning vite)
Mom: When it’s dark.
Nino: Why, Mommy? Why do you keep saying dark, then light, then dark, then light? [punctuates with frustrated groan]