Continued from this post on Raising Pro-Life Children Amid A Culture of Death.

There are many versions of an examination of conscience out there. I wrote this for our family, but I share this here in case it might be helpful to anyone else.

Are we praying more?
Have we committed to praying the Rosary?
Do we pray it with reverence, or do we hurry through it?
Have we made our Consecration? (Do we know about Consecration?)
Have we read one encyclical that we hadn’t read a year ago?
Have we brought anyone into the Church? Have we invited a former Catholic to Mass?
Have we shared our faith with other people, not via argumentation, but via genuine friendship? (Excellent food for thought from my friend Angie.)
Are we giving more to charitable causes?
Have we spent time with the sick, the hungry, the elderly?
Have we tried curbing our own materialistic tendencies?
Do we tithe?
Have we read the Catechism more closely?
Did we have, adopt, or sponsor a(nother) child?
Did we support traditional marriage?
Do we read Scripture daily?
Do we pray with the Church via the Liturgy of the Hours?
Have we tried to attend Mass more than once a week?
How often do we go to Confession?
How often do we go to Adoration?
Have we practiced custody of the eyes and ears?
How much of traditional media do we still consume?
Have we read a devotional or spiritual book that we hadn’t read a year ago?
How often do we fast?
Has LOVE been our one encompassing goal in all that we do?
Have we prayed for vocations to religious life? Have we considered our own vocations?
Do we pray and encourage our children’s vocations?
Do we pray for our children’s future spouses?
Did we take time to learn more about at least ONE saint?
Have we given more attention and support to Catholic media?
Do we spend at least 15 minutes daily in silence with the Lord?
Have we practiced holy detachment more fully?
Have we committed to a hopeful attitude and not one of despair?
Have we volunteered our time/talent at our local parish?
Have we praised God daily and seen the blessing in every little thing, including our crosses?
Did we take our time to get to know our pastor/vicar more fully?
Have we gone on pilgrimage?
Have we gone on retreat?
Have we talked to our children and our spouse about faith matters?
Do we take our roles as primary faith educators of our children seriously?
(Husband) Am I the spiritual leader of my household?
(Wife) Have I submitted to my husband?
Have we prayed a novena?
Have we taken time to understand the social doctrine of the church?
Have we been truly thankful for our blessings?

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(another work-in-progress, will revisit quarterly)