So. I just realized as I was doing my reading tonight that I am now on page 62 of the book, though I had planned to be around page 36 by this time. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but the next few days I’ll spend rereading the past 30 or so pages and meditating on them more closely — nice and slow. I will also be rereading CCC 388-421 and The Hidden Power of Kindness and perhaps sharing some pertinent selections here.

Some interesting things that have happened so far this Lent though that I thought worthy to note here.

The day I posted about my kids, they acted almost bratty that whole day.
The past several days I’ve been posting about how great my hubby is and how he’s ahead of me spiritually, and yesterday and today, he SNAPPED AT ME. Two days in a row. Now THAT is very uncharacteristic of him, and I called his attention to it.

This is interesting to me because I know that the devil is not omniscient. He cannot read my thoughts. He can only see what I’m doing, and observe my tendencies, and tempt me based on those. He can also do the same thing with my family members. Now that my thoughts are OUT THERE, he can act on those. He’s either tempting my family members more, or he’s tempting me to see them in a different light. We talked about this at the dinner table. It’s no laughing matter, but the fact is, we’re onto him. And we’ve agreed to keep each other covered in prayer especially this Lent.

The little one has also recently been developing quite rapidly in his spiritual life. He almost has the Sign of the Cross down perfectly, and he now leads us in saying the Table Blessing before each meal. He’s talked about having to die to get to Heaven. And his favorite books right now include The Clown of God, I Sing a Song of the Saints of God, and The Children’s Book of Virtues. So dear reader, if you’re inclined to, please keep Nino in prayer. It’s one of those periods of childhood that I am thrilled to witness. God is good.