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… the gospel ideal of “one mind” cannot be forced. Nor does it arise out of the blue because good people want to be “united in mind and heart” (Acts 4:32). Yes, sensible people want this. But mere wishes and velleities are not the same thing as profound conversion.

Those who have a real love yearn to be of one mind with the beloved. If I do not care what you think about the most important realities, I should admit that my love is close to zero.

This applies, whether the BELOVED is a child, a friend, a spouse, or Jesus Christ Himself. If our goal isn’t ultimately to be of one mind with our Lord, to will what He wills, our love is nothing but wishful thinking, or a facade.

The second condition for shared vision to happen is a real love for truth, that is, for things as they actually are.

Thirdly, attaining an interpersonal unity of mind requires that both parties welcome correction (which of course should be both honest and gentle).

… this rare humility requires no little conversion.

Yet Jesus makes it plain that we do not have his wisdom unless we are innerly transformed.

A few thoughts swirling through my head:

Something a dear friend said years ago…. about God picking our Lenten penance.


I made my Consecration to Mary on December 8, 2008. I had but one prayer, that God use me through Mary in whatever way He wanted to use me. Aisa made her consecration, on the Feast of the Annunciation, when Mary gave her fiat. Aisa was born on March 24, Palm Sunday, a day before Mary’s Feast.

I’ve been thinking on these things the past few days.

There is no greater suffering than that which Jesus went through, for us.

But no matter how much I may want to, I cannot carry my child’s cross for her.

I think I finally know what FIAT truly means.

Image Credit:  Michael Azucena

Image Credit: Michael Azucena