The other day I posted Yena’s curriculum for this coming schoolyear and how we planned it. Today I’m posting a screenshot of the lessonplans-on-spreadsheet that I do every year for the kids. In 2011 I did a very detailed planner for my then-13-year-old who needed it. This year I’ll just print out a month’s worth of weekly lesson plans at a time, just this spreadsheet as you see it, give Yena a copy, and stick one on the fridge so we can both see it all the time. Keeping things simple. 🙂

Basically what I’ve done here is I’ve taken each item on the curriculum, and planned out which weeks she will read/work on what. Some books are easy, because they’re divided into roughly 30-40 chapters that are easily spread into weeks through the year. The historical fiction, saint bios, etc. are keyed to the history spine (in this case Light to the Nations) so that she’s reading those according to what century she’s studying in the spine. The religion and confirmation material is spread out through the weeks, with certain areas keyed to liturgical seasons, such that she’s reading and writing about Mary and Advent in December, and about Jesus’ Passion and Crucifixion in Lent. I usually leave Advent and Lent lighter than the rest of the year so that the family can focus on First Things, and lessons take a back seat to living liturgically. I’m not uploading the entire curriculum on spreadsheet, just giving you a bird’s eye view here. If you’re interested in getting the file on pdf, please email me at stefoodie AT gmail DOT com and I’ll be happy to send it to you.