I suppose jumping right into the writing part will have to be good enough for now.

I’m reading another book and having another blog conversation this year. I asked my friend to pick this year and he picked St. Faustina’s Divine Mercy in My Soul, which has been on my to-read list forever.

This Lent, however, started with a bang and I have yet to catch my breath. Since Ash Wednesday, I’ve had an infection on my thumb (now healing nicely, it’s rather fascinating to watch the new skin emerge, like baby skin, and the old skin peel off, crisp like parchment), sore throat being passed on back and forth in the family, skin infections on 2 of the kids, a heartache rippling out into several others, a car dying and having to be towed, and this morning, an almost-accident while I was driving Migi to his OGTs. But hey, who’s counting?

I’ve long stopped picking a specific penance to work on and just chant Pray, Fast, Give to myself all through Lent as a constant reminder, because like Jenn who lets God pick her penance, I just let Him pick mine. One year it was a stiff neck/back pain that lasted a couple of weeks, another year it was a sprained ankle. He knows what I need.

Right now I need a nap. So I’ll hit PUBLISH on this one, snuggle next to the napping hubby and read “Divine Mercy” until I fall asleep.

A blessed Lent to all.