This is a promo post for a conference happening this Saturday in Manila.


The Inner Beauty Conference Inner Beauty Women’s Conference 2014: FEMININE GENIUS was inspired by Pope St. JPII’s Mulieris Dignitatem, of which I’m a big fan. From their promo copy:

The first Inner Beauty Women’s Conference (IBC) was held on March 6, 2004. Since then, it has become an annual event, bringing together women of all ages and backgrounds. The Inner Beauty crusade tirelessly reminds women that they have value in God’s eyes. With their various gifts and talents, women have a special purpose and a unique calling that only they can live out.

In the Philippines, Didi Nakar Marañon, author of the Inner Beauty books, writes about the conference’s beginnings:

“It started with a desire for ‘the hidden character of the heart’ (1 Peter 3:4) to shine through. I wanted it for myself. And in the process, I started sharing the whole idea with others. It resonated with women of all ages because we are so bombarded with the quest to beautify ourselves externally. There is a dearth of input and conversation in society to raise consciousness on the significance of a woman’s inner beauty. I believe that more than physical beauty and personality, one’s inner beauty must be given importance.”

(Here in the US, there’s The Authentic Catholic Woman, by Genevieve Kineke, a must read for all women.)

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