The Plan for Lent 2015


– Commitment to daily Mass whenever we have a car at our disposal. (This sentence was very hard to type with it being 1 degree F outside. UGH. Please pray for me.)
– Confession every two weeks.
– Adoration on Wednesday evenings.
– Mom’s Reading Material: Sheen, Magnificat, continue/finish up current books. New attempt at reading/singing the Filipino Pasion.
– Nino’s Reading (with Mom): My Path to Heaven
– Yena’s Reading: Holy Bible, finish up Following the Holy Spirit, 9 Words (reread)
– Migi’s Reading: The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
40 Bags in 40 Days.
– No music on Fridays. (One teen is not happy with this.)
– Maundy Thursday “Visita Iglesia”.
– Mom’s Lenten Resolution: Write letters to the people on my “apostolate” list.
– Nino’s “Good Deeds List” (choose one a day)

  • No whining.
  • “Right away” obedience.
  • Give up your 30-minute show for the day, or your Thursday game.
  • Clean your toys yourself.
  • Help with a chore.
  • Learn a new prayer.
  • Lead a decade of the family Rosary.
  • Color a Lenten saint coloring page.
  • Color a stations of the cross page.
  • Write a letter to Papa and Mama.
  • Write a letter to a sibling.
  • Donate clothes or toys.
  • Pray for babies.
  • Pray for persecuted Christians.
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