Way past due compilation of news items and commentaries. Treating this like a homeschooler and educating myself. I’ve bolded the articles that I found most helpful to me. Note that inclusion on this list doesn’t mean I agree with the author or the article.


June 2014

Brigitte Gabriel Gives Fantastic Answer to Muslim Woman Claiming All Muslims Are Portrayed Badly

August 2014

You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

September 2014

Christianity and Islam: Are We At War? (Fr. Mitch Pacwa)
Regensburg Redux: Was Pope Benedict XVI right about Islam? (Analysis)

October 2014

Obama’s Former Pastor: I Helped Obama Accept Christianity Without Having to Renounce Islam

November 2014

How Does ISIS Fund Its Reign of Terror?

January 2015

From Napoleon to Bin Laden: France and Modern Terrorism

February 2015

The Atlantic’s Big Islam Lie: What Muslims Really Believe About ISIS
The Truth About the Islamic State and the End of Days Prophecy
What Is “Islamic”? A Muslim Response to ISIS and the Atlantic

March 2015

Ideological Foundations of Islamic Extremism (from Mindszenty Foundation)
What ISIS Really Wants

June 2015
Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists? (PragerU video featuring Haroon Ullah, senior State Department advisor and a foreign policy professor at Georgetown University)

August 2015

Germany’s Muslim Demographic Revolution
Islamic State: The Dutch Teen Who Maps the Jihadists

September 2015

Before Clock Incident Made Him a Celebrity, Ahmed Mohamed “Racked Up Weeks of Suspensions” and Clashed With Authority
For Christians and Yazidis Fleeing Genocide, the Obama Administration Has No Room at the Inn
For the Record: It IS About Islam
A German Town in Decline Sees Refugees As Path to Survival
Germany’s Plan for Migrants Will Reshape Its Future
Muslim Brotherhood Extremists Attack Journalists on the Streets of New York City
Why the West Turns a Blind Eye to Saudi Arabia’s Brutality

October 2015

The breaking of the Oslo Accords (Jordan Sekulow)
Can Islam and Individual Freedom Coexist?
The Confused Person’s Guide to the Syrian Civil War
Evangelist Franklin Graham Doubles Down on Shocking Proposal About Muslim Immigration
For the Record: Europe’s Migrant Crisis Could Put America at Risk
How to Defeat Religious Violence
ISIL Child Training Camp Discovered in Istanbul: Report
ISIS: What the “Do-Nothing” West Is Doing
Migrant Violence Increasing in Germany as 30-year-old Woman Attacked and Man Hospitalized at Student Football Match
Ministers Approve Mandatory Arabic Studies from First Grade
Pres. Obama’s Disastrous Consequences
Russia, Syria, the US and Israel
Stunning Interactive Map Shows the Thousands of Migrants Flocking to Europe Every Month and How 680,000 Have Arrived This Year Alone

November 2015

27 Iraqi Christians Face Deportation in US While Obama Offers Asylum to Thousands of Muslims from Syria
3 People Arrested in Belgium in Connection to Paris Attacks, Officials Say
‘A Shocking Truth Is Unfolding’: Matt Drudge Teases Bombshell Claim ABout US and Islamic State
A Thanksgiving Meditation on Freedom and Its Enemies
After Paris: Five Things We Need to Do Now to Protect America’s National Security (Jay Sekulow)
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Obama’s Strategy on Islamic Extremism ‘Has Failed’
Ban the Burqa! This European Country Will Now Fine Women Up to $10,000 For Wearing a Head-to-Toe Burqa
The Barbarians Are Inside, and There Are No Gates (Mark Steyn)
Breaking: Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members
Can Muslims and Christians Coexist? ‘Of Gods and Men’ Offers an Answer
Catholic Schools Rule Out Islam for Religious Studies: Muslim Leaders Hit Back
CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Gives Surprisingly Brutal Review of Obama’s Islamic State Claims at G-20 Summit
Do The Rest of ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Need to Die?
Egyptian Cleric: ISIS Grows Out of Islamic Mainstream
Emails Show DOD Analysts Told to ‘Cut It Out’ on ISIS Warnings; IG Probe Expands
Exclusive: Islamic State Fighter: Kill Women Who ‘Provoke Sexual Desires of Men’

I believe ISIS is partly due to Christian sins of omission. #EvangelizationFail – from Sr. Helena Burns

Exclusive: Islamic State: ‘The Threat to the United States’
The Fear of Being Called Phobic
Fears ISIS Could Poison Paris Water Supply
Former CIA Director Tells TheBlaze TV: Would be Surprised If Islamic State Didn’t Strike US Homeland Soon

Back in August of 2014, as the Islamic State was emerging on the world scene, I launched a petition calling on our government to lead an international effort to destory ISIS as a fighting force. Joined by friends from across the political spectrum, from Dr. Ben Carson to Professor Cornel West, I warned that ISIS was better equipped, better funded, and even more determined, ruthless, and brutal than al Qaeda. We warned that this terrorist organization could not be contained but must be destroyed. We further warned that a failure to destory it swiftly would permit it successfully to recruit terrorists who would carry out mass attacks in Europe and eventually in the United States. We further warned that with every passing day ISIS would grow stronger and more difficult to destroy. We pleaded for immediate and decisive action. Our plea went unheeded. What we got was too little, too late. Alas.

Here is the petition in full, from our website at www.iraqrescue.org – Excerpt, from Prof. Robert George

Gov Rep McSally: There are 10,000 IRS Agents for Charity Deductions, But Only Two Dozen People Focused on Countering ISIS
A Humble Plug for Refugees
I’m A Gay Man and Mass Muslim Immigration Terrifies Me (Milo Yiannopoulos)
‘I’m Coming Home’: Ahmed ‘Clock Kid’ Mohamed Meets With President Accused of War Crimes, Orchestrating Genocide
Iraq: 300 ISIS Militants Surrender to Peshmerga
ISIS, Liberal Democracy, and the Holy Catholic Church: A Call to Arms (Marc Barnes)
The Islamic State Wants You to Hate Refugees
‘It Is A Little Frightening’: Glenn Beck Reveals Little-Known Theory that Attempts to Explain Current Events
Maher: ‘Islam is a Problem,’ Saying Syrian Refugees Have Values at Odds with Ours ‘May Not Be Wrong’
Obama’s Intel Scandal
Obama, Speaking from the Ruins of His Own Policy
Paris Attacks: Many Arrested in Raids Across France
Paris Terrorist Was Migrant Who Registered as a Refugee in Greece
Pentagon Expands Inquiry Into Intelligence on ISIS Surge
Recognizing 8 Signs of Terrorism
Scandal: US Christian Groups Prioritize Muslim Refugees Over Christian Ones. Here’s Why
School of ISIS (PBS Frontline video)
Submission: A Novel
The Underground Revival in the Middle East That Might Take Down Islam
‘This is Looney Tunes’: Media Mocked Glenn Beck’s Caliphate Prediction
This Muslim TV Host Gave An Incredible Speech Following the Paris Terror Attacks
The World Is United Against ISIS, So What Do We Do? (Stephen Colbert with Medal of Honor recipient Colonel Jack Jacobs
Two Major Victories for Christians
Why Hillary and Obama Prefer Islam to Christianity (Ben Shapiro)