Way past due compilation of news items and commentaries. Treating this like a homeschooler and educating myself. I’ve bolded the articles that I found most helpful to me. Note that inclusion on this list doesn’t mean I agree with the author or the article.

ISIS believes it is destined to fight “the armies of Rome” outside of Jerusalem. The Catholic is a member of that selfsame Army, fighting “the world, the flesh, and the devil” in and through the unity of the entire Church, a unity sacramentally re-presented in its earthly shepherd, the Pope, successor to the Apostle Peter, whose Seat is at Rome.
Quite like ISIS, we believe that we are destined to a Last Battle. But much to the disappointment of the easy, carnal convictions of ISIS theology — that bloodlust which attracts the moronic “gangster” culture to their ranks as much as believers — this Battle is not merely a temporal one. It is the daily struggle for holiness, the true “jihad” which ISIS-style worldliness renders stupid. – from BadCatholic

December 2015

4 Insane Reasons Why Liberals Admire and Romanticize Islam
100 Years Ago, Americans Talked About Catholics the Way They Talk About Muslims Today (Liberal) … ’cause you know, 100 years ago Catholics were beheading people, etc.
All Schools Shut Down in Virginia County Over Islam Homework
AP Source: Woman In Shooting Pledged Allegiance to ISIS
Cleric Denies Ties to San Bernardino Killers as Phone Records Surface
Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God? (Francis Beckwith)
French Kicking Down Doors, Closing Mosques, Findng a LOT of ‘War-Grade’ Weapons
Hard Sayings About Terror
House to Probe Claims of Intelligence Manipulation
Members of the Female Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) Brigade Mutilates, Kills Breastfeeding Mom
Muslims in America: More Latinos Converting to Islam as US Population Grows, Report Claims
San Bernardino Eyewitness Account: Chris Nwadike (LA Times video)
San Bernardino Killers Illegally Modified Their Rifles to Carry More Ammo and Fire Bullets Faster
Search Underway for Afghan Trainees Missing from Air Base
The Terror This Time
Dr. Kashif Chaudhry on Pakistan
‘We Are Coming’: Threatening Pro-Islamic State Messages on US College Campus
What’s Worse: Banning Them or Bombing Them?
When A Mother Chooses Jihad Over Life



January 2016

About that Mosque President Obama Will be Visiting…
The American Taliban and the Assault on Memory
American Folk Singer Hopes Peace Concert for ISIS Will Win Over Terror Group
Bibi Wilhailm — Ihr macht Deutschland kaputt! Aufklärung einer 16 jährigen über Asylpolitik!
Boy’s Response to Blasphemy Charge Unnerves Many in Pakistan
Could Paris, Cologne Terror Attacks Happen in America?
David Garrison speaking at the Finishing the Task 2015 Conference at Saddleback Church
In Europe, Muslim Extremists Turn to Sexual Terrorism
On the Reformation of Islam
Priest: Pray for Jihadists’ Conversion — One of Them Could Be a Future St. Paul
Saudi Arabia’s Swan Song
Saudi Prince Picks Fight with Donald Trump on Twitter
Sweden to Expel 80,000 Failed Asylum-Seekers: 163,000 Refugees Applied for Asylum in 2015 (Ukraine Today video)
Twitter Fury After 1000 Muslims Sexually Attack Women: Germany Censors Media
Why Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God (Francis Beckwith)
Yes, Muslims Should Be Asked to Condemn Islamic Terror

February 2016

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?
Genocide is Also Killing Cultures and Destroying Communities
Ibn Rushd vs Ghazali: Did the Muslim World Take a Wrong Turn?
ISIS Beheads 15-year-old Iraqi Boy for Listening to Pop Music
ISIS Extremists Stone Four Women to death on Charges of ‘Committing Adultery’
Islam — Facts or Dreams?
New York High School Holds World Hijab Day
Two Turks Arrested by Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for Gang Rape Robbery
Yazidi Women Tell How They Escaped Their ISIS Captors

Quote from a friend:

Much online commentary oscillates between two extremes: one side refuses to say anything against both Islam and Muslims, another side refuses to make any distinctions between the worst of Islam and all Muslims. I wish to have no part with either extreme. As a traditional Catholic I have strong opinions against the tenets of Islam — and “against” is an understatement. But as a Christian I cannot condemn all Muslims. I have little patience with those who refuse to make any connection between terrorism and some Islamic beliefs. I have the same impatience with those who say that there are no moderate or anti-extremist Muslims.

March 2016

393 to 0: US House Unanimously Declares ISIL IS Committing Genocide Against Christians
A 60 Minutes Crew Met Muslim Refugees. Things Went Really Wrong. Here’s the Tape.
Christianity is the Answer
Muslim Migrants Attack Australian News Crew in Sweden (video)
The Coming ISIS-al Qaeda Merger
The Pope and the Mongols
The Quran’s Deadly Role in Inspiring Belgian Slaughter
Three Sikh-American Soldiers File New Lawsuit Against US Department of Defense
To Maintain Supply of Sex Slaves, ISIS Pushes Birth Control
The West Won’t Even Defend Its Own Values. How Can It Be Expected to Defeat ISIS?
Two Women Risked Their Lives to Capture This Chilling Footage of Life Inside the Capital of ISIS

April 2016

Female Arab Journalist: Muslims Who Say Extremists ‘Do Not Represent Islam’ Are ‘Hypocrites’
First, Let’s Get the Facts on Saudi and Iranian Involvement in 9/11
First Syrian Family in Surge Resettlement Program Arrives in US
ISIS Fighter Numbers Drop in Syria, Iraq Amid US Military and Cyber Attacks
ISIS Taps Tech for Web Radio
Jordan’s Muslim King Abdullah to Fund Restoration of Jesus’ Tomb in Holy Sepulchre
Meriden Mosque Shooter Seeks Forgiveness From Muslim Community
Muslim Newscaster Shares Her Devotion to St. Charbel, Urges Peace
New Poll Finds Young Arabs Are Less Swayed by the Islamic State
Refugee Converts: “This Could Be My Death Sentence”
Syrian Government Takes Back al-Qaryatain from ISIS

May 2016

Blessed Anthony Neyrot was Catholic, Then Muslim, Then Catholic, Then Martyred
ISIS Sends Parents Body Parts of Daughters, Video Showing Their Brutal Rape and Torture
Meet the Kurdish Female Warrior Who Battles ISIS
The Crusades Were A Reasonable Response to Unchecked Islamic Aggression
Tom Rogan discussing ISIL Operations in Europe
What ISIS Wants (PragerU Video) (funny “bag-daddy”)

June 2016

How Can We Prevent Another Attack Like Orlando?
Iraqi Christian Details How ISIS Fighters ‘Married’ Her Only For Rape
ISIS Burns 19 Yazidi Women to Death in Mosul for ‘Refusing to Haave Sex with Fighters’

Other helpful thoughts for pondering:

Archbishop Sheen’s Prophetic Warning of 50 Years Ago: Mary and the Moslems; The Significance of Fatima
Flying Hijacked Planes into Glass Houses
The Road to Peace?
How Christians Deterred Me From Leaving Islam
The Sunni-Shia Divide (from the Council on Foreign Relations)
20 Answers: Islam by Prof. Andrew Bieszad
The Muslim World Needs Conversion, Not Understanding

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