We were just at Michaels to pick up stuff for Nino’s sacramental preparation portfolio (will blog that at a later date) and he found a book on how to draw comics, except it wasn’t on sale, and the “50% off any item at regular price” coupon we had couldn’t be applied to it — guess it really wasn’t “any item”. I didn’t want him to spend $10 on a book that looked mediocre to me, so I had to say no and he was all upset on the way home (character building moment).

I’ll let him have the figure drawing book given to me by the hubs when I was taking fine arts classes in college, but I also found him a few resources that might be helpful to other kids with similar interests:

How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials (images and videos)

How to Draw Comics.net – This one isn’t really for kids, but I thought I’d keep the link for when he’s older.

I’m also ordering these two books, but will hold off on handing them to him until I’ve checked for, uhm, unsavory images. Hopefully they’ll be clean enough. Worst case scenario I can tear off pages if need be.

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way

Simplified Anatomy for the Comic Book Artist