I miss the farmers’ markets in the Philippines and Europe but glad I have better options in the US these days

… that we want to visit this year. We subscribe to Cedarmore Farm’s CSA, which makes visiting farmers’ markets largely unnecessary, but still. And we have yet to check out Grassland Graze, which is just minutes from us. It would be nice to get to know other vendors though, and I need to get better sources for chicken and pork. Plan right now is to “make the rounds”, one a week, ’til end of season. Some of these vendors I’ve met before, but it would be nice to get re-acquainted.

Madeira Farmers’ Market

Burwinkel Farms in Ross

Village Green Farmers’ Market in Fairfield

One day, maybe I can sell macarons, etc. at this market: West Chester Farmers’ Market 🙂

Do you have a favorite farmers’ market? Which one?