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27 March 2013

For first time visitors to this site: Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by.

If you’re here for recipes, you might find the personality of my recipe index a bit schizophrenic. Here’s the story:

In 2004 my husband was diagnosed with wheat, egg and dairy allergies. The same year, our 5-year-old was diagnosed with allergies to dairy, egg and dustmites. The rest of the family (there’s 7 of us) have been fine. Our oldest, now 22 years old, has always had allergies, though we’ve mostly dealt with that the same way we’ve always dealt with allergies: cut down on possible allergens, but don’t get too fanatical about it. Our youngest, now 4, is also showing signs of having allergies, though it’s been hard to pinpoint exactly what, as his reactions have been varied. Time for an elimination diet/food diary.

Since half of the family are allergy sufferers, and half are not, you will see that split reflected on our recipe index. There are many there that are allergy-friendly, but then there are also a bunch that are not. I have, over the years, learned to adapt recipes to our needs, often preparing a non-allergen version alongside a dish; however, I have not documented every single one. We’re also, as you can see, quite varied in our diet. We go from Asian to American to European to African or Latin American quite frequently, so we probably find it easier than others to incorporate all these into a meal, mixing and matching where we find it appropriate.

Lately, we’ve been on a healthier bent, so hopefully most of the recipes from 2013 on, will be focused on staying wheat-free, dairy-free, and egg-free, with options for those that are not, to adapt the recipe and make it so. I am also on a quest to compile allergen-free recipes to correspond with the liturgical year, so that’s what you’re mostly likely to find here this year and beyond.