Our Favorite Homeschooling Resources

Curricula and Reading Lists:

A 5- to 6-year-old’s booklist (girl) in 2007
A 6-year-old’s incomplete curriculum in 2008
For our 8-year-old in 2007 (3rd to 4th)
For our 11-year-old in 2007 (4th to 5th)
A 12-year-old’s incomplete curriculum in 2008
Our then-16-year-old’s reading list

Free Flashcards for Latina Christiana I Verbs


A Music Study Schedule, One Composer a Month, Chronological

The Plan for Art

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  1. Hello! I saw your name over at Catholic_HS_AsiaPacific e-groups, and if you want to know more about homeschooling Catholics, please call our center at 723-6609. We work with Catholic homeschoolers specifically. God bless!

  2. hi my name is jennifer. i am from new jersey. i am a mother of three little children. i would love to homeschool my kids. my husband is not yet open to the idea. i wanted to know if you know any other homschooling families in my area?

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