Filipino Homeschoolers

Resources for Pinoy homeschoolers:

If you’re a Filipino homeschooler with a blog, please comment below or e-mail me at stefoodie AT gmail DOT com so I can add your link to this page!


  1. melanie says:

    Hi! Kumusta!

    I typed my name & wonder what links I will find because I have changed domain name. Then I found your blog! What a surprise! Thank you for the links. That’s really neat that you put together links of Filipino Homeschoolers. I know there is not very many of us. I will have to check out some of what you have here. I have meet some of them but not all.

    Also kindly correct my link. I am now at


  2. Jo Ann says:

    Hi there! I was actually just checking out the linkbacks in my blog and I was gladly surprised to see your blog. Thank you for including me in your list of Filipino homeschoolers. I have not started homeschooling yet and is just about to begin this June 2008.

    It is so nice to find a group of people who are into homeschooling. What a great way to have a support group…

    (I have created a new site dedicated to our homeschooling. My new website is

    God bless!

    Jo Ann

  3. BJ says:

    Congratulations. Thanks for putting up this site promoting Catholic homeschooling and for linking our group.

  4. carder says:

    I haven’t found the answer on your blog…maybe I’m not catching it. Are you located in the Phillipines?
    I have a Filipino neighbor who’s a licensed doctor in the Phillipines only, and he’s a pastor of his own independent church. Haven’t gone as far as to ask if he used to be Catholic, but his family are super nice and can they cook!

  5. Nelian says:

    HI there, I’m from Apple Valley Ca. and homeschooling our son. I was curious if there are some Filipino homeschoolers around the High Desert besides me.

    Proud homeschool Mom!

  6. Martine says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you could add my website as part of your links on this page? We’re the Living Saints Catholic Homeschool Support Program ( We offer assistance to Filipino homeschoolers, as well as tutorials, sports programs and field trips. I hope you can add us up. God bless!

  7. Maycee says:

    Would you know of any homeschooling mom in Bacolod? I would like to know more from someone based here as I’m really becoming very interested in homeschooling.

  8. RJ Marmol says:

    Hello Stef,
    This is RJ. It’s very nice of you to include my blog in this list. Thank you very much. You have very inspiring posts. May God bless you and your family! :) P.S. Added you to my list too! :)

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