These are PDF files. Save and print.

Lessons 2-3 front
Lessons 2-3 back
Lessons 5-6 front
Lessons 5-6 back
Lessons 6-8 front
Lessons 6-8 back
Lessons 8-9 front
Lessons 8-9 back
Lessons 9-10 front
Lessons 9-10 back
Lessons 10-11 front
Lessons 10-11 back
Lessons 11-17 front
Lessons 11-17 back
Lessons 17-19 front
Lessons 17-19 back
Lessons 19-20 back
Lessons 19-20 back
Lessons 20-22 front
Lessons 20-22 back
Lessons 22-23 front
Lessons 22-23 back
Lessons 23-25 front
Lessons 23-25 back


Lessons 1-5 front
Lessons 1-5 back
Lessons 5-16 front
Lessons 5-16 back
Lessons 16-18 front
Lessons 16-18 back


Lesson 4 front
Lesson 4 back
Lesson 13 to 14 front
Lesson 13 to 14 back
Lesson 14 front
Lesson 14 back

I printed these on cardstock — I got a package of pastels and use the following colors:

Blue for nouns and pronouns
Grey for conjunctions and prepositions
Yellow for adverbs
Ivory for adjectives
Green for verbs


  1. Meredith says:

    Wow, Stef, you’re awesome!! These will be nifty for my dd(11)! I’ll use them Montessori-style, 😉 Thanks so much for sharing these!

  2. Beth Alice says:

    We are starting LC1 this year. Thank you SO much for sharing these flash cards? Do you have anymore? I don’t see some you mentioned (pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions). I have been known to be ditsy, and perhaps I overlooked them. Any plans for LC2?

  3. stef says:

    Hi Beth Alice, sorry for the late reply. No, I don’t have any more. My word processing software got wonky after that and I can’t just make it work the same and haven’t had the time to really figure it all out. I’ll post an update if I ever do. Sorry I’m not much help right now 🙁

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