Lent 2013: Reflections on Fr. Thomas Dubay’s Deep Conversion, Deep Prayer


Plumbing the Depths
Radical Transformation
Murphy’s Law
Why I Love My Spouse/Why I Love God
Scripture, Beauty, Art, Chesterton
Combating Egocentrism
Resolute Progress
Heroic Virtue
The Call to Sainthood
Uncovering Resistance
Dialing Down
Brain Dump
Getting to Know God
His Grace is Sufficient
“Make Yourself a Capacity and I Will Make Myself a Torrent”
From Selfishness to Simon of Cyrene
Humility and A Shared Vision
I Think I Finally Know
Unity of Mind
Called to Love
Love Means Forgiveness
Be Concerned
Living Authentic Lives
A Leap of Faith
Be Humble, Specific, Persevering
The Sacramental Dimension


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