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…. are really only lovely and adorable in books.

In real life, they are mean things that deserve to be put in paella.

Yesterday, I had 6 beautiful, unopened crocus buds. We were looking forward to taking pictures and sketching them this morning.

Today, I have 3 crocus blooms, and 3 bitten-off purple stumps. I am not amused. Maybe there’s a lesson out there somewhere that incorporates art, science and revenge. Maybe I’ll put cayenne pepper in the crocuses. Maybe I’ll put a picture of Mr. McGregor, large and menacing, beside those crocuses. Or maybe I’ll put a picture of the Fierce, Bad Rabbit with its tail cut off as a warning sign.

My Favorite Gardening Catalogs

Ongoing attempt to reduce the clutter around here…. getting rid of all my favorite gardening catalogs; yes, I have quite the pile.

The first part are all companies I’ve shopped from before; Renee’s Garden I ordered from when it was still “Shepherd’s Garden Seeds” which was bought by White Flower Farm. Papa Geno’s I haven’t ordered from in years but there were 3 years in a row back in the ’90’s when I was ordering from them and I was always very happy with the service and plants. I’ve included links to Garden Watchdog Reviews, which I always check before ordering from a company unknown to me — though sometimes if the deals are too good to pass up I’ll go ahead and order even if they’ve received a bad review before, e.g., Gilbert’s and Sons from whom I ordered some really nice peonies back ‘in ’04.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds | Garden Watchdog Review
The Natural Gardening Company | Garden Watchdog Review — this company’s great to order from if you’ve tried to raise organic tomatoes and other plants from seed and failed, or you ran out of time, etc. — I ordered from them last year.
Kitazawa Seed Company | Garden Watchdog Review – the best source for Asian seeds
Pinetree Garden Seeds | Garden Watchdog Review
J.L. Hudson, Seedsman | Garden Watchdog Review – THE source for unusual, hard-to-find, rare seeds; you get quite an education just from the catalog.
Gardener’s Supply Company | Garden Watchdog Review — this is an okay company if you’ve got money to spend on their gardening landscaping supplies, etc. I look mainly for inspiration, though they did have a bargain on a cold frame I’d been wanting last fall, so I went ahead and got it. Thinking of getting their tomato, eggplant and flower supports this year.
Fedco Seeds | Garden Watchdog Review – if you’re looking for bargain organic seeds, this is the place. Love the old-time illustrations on the black and white (or I should say, black and grey) catalog. The seed packets aren’t pretty but they serve the purpose, hey.
Territorial Seed Company | Garden Watchdog Review – I believe this is the company from whom I ordered my asparagus crowns in ’04. They did well except we left the house before we could harvest anything significant.
Brent and Becky’s Bulbs | Garden Watchdog Review – no complaints here, love this company.
Gourmet Seed International | Garden Watchdog Review – has good bargains from time to time.
Gardens Alive | Garden Watchdog Review – like this company for its coupons (hee) and its natural pest control, fertilizer stuff, etc.
Wood Prairie Farm | Garden Watchdog Review – I got salad mixes from and Egyptian walking onions from this one, and potatoes which I’m going to try this year.
Specialty Perennials | Garden Watchdog Review – another purveyor of hard-to-find seeds, love their flowers; I got the prettiest lupines in ’04.
Seeds of Change | Garden Watchdog Review – the very first company I ordered organic seed from, back in ’98-’02 (?) — some were still viable last year!
The Cook’s Garden | Garden Watchdog Review – good source for herbs and other veggie seeds. Love that their catalog is illustrated by Mary Azarian, one of our favorite artists — she illustrated Snowflake Bentley.
ValueSeeds | Garden Watchdog Review – the bargains!
Swallowtail Garden Seeds | Garden Watchdog Review – pretty seed packets, again, some unusual seeds.
Botanical Interests | Garden Watchdog Review – how one would be able to resist these lovely seed packet artworks, I have no idea.
Renee’s Garden | Garden Watchdog Review
Papa Geno’s Herb Farm | Garden Watchdog Review
American Meadows | Garden Watchdog Review
The Butchart Gardens | Garden Watchdog Review — some of the hard-to-find seeds that Jefferson was growing at Monticello, I found here.
Raintree Nursery | Garden Watchdog Review — ordered raspberry and blueberry canes from them in ’04. They did okay but I don’t know how they are now at our previous home.

Haven’t bought from these, but I like to browse their catalogs for inspiration, and reference for future orders:

White Flower Farm | Garden Watchdog Review
D. Landreth Seed Company |Garden Watchdog Review
Musser Forests |Garden Watchdog Review
Dripworks | Garden Watchdog Review
Seed Savers Exchange | Garden Watchdog Review
High Country Gardens | Garden Watchdog Review
Horizon Herbs | Garden Watchdog Review
Forest Farm | Garden Watchdog Review
Mischel’s Greenhouses | Garden Watchdog Review
Wildseed Farms | Garden Watchdog Review
Kinsman Company | Garden Watchdog Review

The Watchdog Top 30

Wintersowing Journal

started 28 January 2008 and succeeding days:

Row 1

  1. valeriana officinalis – valerian
  2. satureja montana – winter savory
  3. salvia officinalis – broadleaf sage
  4. rosmarinus
  5. pisum sativum – snow pea
  6. perennial oregano
  7. marrubium vulgare – horehound
  8. spearmint
  9. levisticum officinale – lovage
  10. cress fine curled
  11. inula helenium – elecampane
  12. hyssopus officinalis
  13. arugula – germinated week of 2/11/08, some died, okay again 3/25/08
  14. carum carvi – caraway

Row 2

  1. purple top white globe turnip
  2. flowering chinese leek
  3. bellis perennis
  4. aubretia – sprouts 3/25/08!!
  5. stachys byzantina
  6. antirrhinum majus Night and Day
  7. agastache rugosa honey bee white – mexican mint – 24″ to 32″ tall
  8. tradescantia andersoniana
  9. anchusa azurea
  10. pansy black – sprouts 3/25/08!!
  11. herb thyme old english
  12. phormium
  13. geranium Black Magic
  14. polyanthus Gold Lace
  15. lychnis Molten Lava – sprouts 3/25/08!!!

Row 3:

  1. sisyrinchium bellum
  2. viola odorata Queen Charlotte
  3. herb parsley wild – sprouts 3/25/08!!!
  4. four o’clock, from Bethany – sprouts 3/25/08!!
  5. monarda – Red Shades – Fedco
  6. muscari
  7. ratibida columnaris – Mexican Hat
  8. gloriosa daisy
  9. wildflowers (American Meadows) – sprouts 3/25/08!!
  10. wildflowers (Fothergills
  11. mixed sunflowers – Yena
  12. sunflower giant single – sprouts 3/25/08!!
  13. bellis perennis
  14. Wood Prairie Farm Fall and Winter Mix (salad)
  15. scabiosa black and white

Row 4:

  1. gypsophila Covent Garden
  2. ipomoea morning glory small blue – sprouts
  3. Papaver nudicale poppy iceland
  4. penstemon strictus
  5. scabiosa pink purple
  6. salvia azurea
  7. stokes aster blue
  8. scabiosa columbaria nana – germinated 3/6/08
  9. shasta daisy sprouts 3/25/08
  10. gaillardia
  11. candytuft – 2 kinds of seeds(?) — small and REALLY LARGE
  12. sprouts 3/25/08
  13. Forellenschluss lettuce sowed 3/6/08 – sprouts 3/25/08
  14. Arnica – sowed 3/6/08
  15. Lingue de Camarino Lettuce (sowed 3/6/08) – sprouts 3/25/08

Row 5, Sowed 3/6/08:

  1. Lady’s Mantle (sowed 3/6/08) – #104
  2. Lavender
  3. Sweet Valentine Lettuce – sprouts 3/25/08
  4. Rue
  5. Lemon Balm #108
  6. Borage
  7. Wild Bergamot
  8. Rose de Berne tomato
  9. Aunt Lilian’s Yellow tomato
  10. Golden Gopher Muskmelon (the beginning of trust 🙂 )
  11. Borettana Cipollini onion
  12. Par-Cel Cutting Celery
  13. Golden Purslane (first in Fage yogurt cup) #116
  14. Chervil
  15. Sweet Basil
  16. Caraway and Early Jalapeno Hot Pepper

Part 2 here.

In the Past Four Weeks

– we traveled twice to St. Lou/Cape and back
– I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; The Omnivore’s Dilemma; Persuasion; Northanger Abbey; finishing up Mansfield Park today
– tried out Door-to-Door Organics and didn’t like it
– wintersowed roughly 46 seeds, with at least 4x more coming in the next few weeks
– changed our phone plan to something $10 cheaper and has an additional phone Read more

Wintersowed #1

I finished up the last of my seeds of the ff:

Mentha spicata – Spearmint – Plantation 2006
Rosmarinus officinalis – Fothergills
Marrubium vulgare – Horehound – Fedco 2004
Bellis perennis – English Daisy True Wild Type – JL Hudson 2004
Mirabilis jalapa unknown color 2005
Brassica rapa – Purple Top White Globe Turnip – Seeds of Change 2002
Rudbeckia hirta Gloriosa daisy rustic colors from trade 2004
Wildflower Mix American Meadows 2007
Monarda didyma Panorama Red Shades Bee Balm Fedco 2004
Satureja montana – Winter savory – Fedco 2004
Inula helenium – Elecampane – Fedco 2004
Salvia officinalis – Broadleaf sage – Fedco 2004
Stachys byzantina 2004 self-gathered
Pisum sativum – Sugar Pod 2 Snow Pea – Seeds of Change 2004
Polyanthus Gold Lace – Mr. Fothergill’s 2007
Perennial oregano
Chrysanthemum maximum Alaska – Shasta Daisy – Butchart 2005
Scabiosa mix pink-purple-maroon from trade 2004
Scabiosa columbaria ‘Nana’ from Donn 2004
Penstemon strictus from trade 2005
Gaillardia Blanket Flower from trade 2004
Stokesia laevis – from Carolyn 2004

so they’re now off my exchange list, and going into my “waiting for” pile. Hopefully they’ll sprout this year so I can get more seeds.

My Favorite Gardening Links

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Bluestone Perennials
Brent and Becky’s Bulbs
DripWorks (drip irrigation)
Gardener’s Supply Company
Gempler’s (not just for gardens)
Gilbert H. Wild and Son LLC
J. L. Hudson, Seedsman (awesome rare seeds)
Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Le Jardin du Gourmet
Lee Valley (has woodworking stuff too)
Musser Forests (cheap trees!)
My Gardenweb Exchange Page
Name that Plant at Gardenweb
Park Seed
Pinetree Garden Seeds
Plant Exchange at GardenWeb
Raintree Nursery
Seed Exchange at GardenWeb
Seed Savers Exchange
Seeds of Change
Smith & Hawken
St. Lawrence Nurseries
Stokes Seeds Inc.
Territorial Seed Company
The Cook’s Garden
The Seed Site (Seed Identification)
The Terra Ceia Farms
Trees of Antiquity (heirloom fruit trees)

Mary Gardens

The Mary Garden spreadsheet is now a Google spreadsheet which you can view here.

The list of Mary’s flowers was taken from Mary’s Gardens: 100 Plants For A Larger Mary Garden. The spreadsheet includes information on each flower, i.e., by Latin name, ordering link (some are obsolete, and I’m working on updating them), Type (Annual, Perennial or Biennial), Common Name, Religious Name, Height (average, or whatever I found for the seed/plant that I bought/plan to buy), Spacing required, Sun Exposure required, Color (usually the one I bought/plan to buy), Water requirement, and other info gathered from websites/catalogs/books.

On the spreadsheet, I forgot to add that PS = Partial Shade, FS = Full Sun.

ETA: 9/16/07. I’ve been reading Mary’s Flowers by Vincenzina Krymow — what a wonderful book! It even has meditations and illustrations, etc. I bought the book months ago to get free shipping at Amazon and just really read it today. I’ve started updating the spreadsheet with additional information supplied by this book. Now the only thing left is to figure out WHERE I could possibly fit all these plants that I plan to have in the garden! Mary’s waiting…. Right now all I have near here are some hostas and liatris…. I’d like to move her at some point to a permanent grotto, maybe tufa that the kids and I will make, with maidenhair fern trailing from top to bottom…. that would be nice….