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Where I Get My Pro-Life News and Commentary


A friend, Francis B., requested a list of my sources for pro-life news. So, in no particular order, my favorites:


Crisis Magazine
First Things
Catholic World Report
National Catholic Register

Live Action News
Americans United for Life
Students for Life
National Right to Life News
Priests for Life Blog

Politics, Legislation, Religious Freedom
Susan B. Anthony List
Alliance Defending Freedom
American Center for Law and Justice
Judicial Watch
Catholic Vote

Turtle Bay and Beyond
Human Life International

Charlotte Lozier Institute
National Catholic Bioethics Center

Marriage and Family
National Organization for Marriage
Family Research Council
The Public Discourse
Ruth Institute Blog
United Families International

Education and Education-Related
Catholic Education Resource Center
Catholic Education Daily (from Cardinal Newman Society
Intercollegiate Review
Circe Institute

The Heritage Foundation
Ethika Politika
American Thinker
PJ Media
Taki’s Magazine
The Imaginative Conservative
The American Spectator

Ignatius Insight Scoop
Catholic News Agency
Catholic Herald
National Review Online
Sandro Magister
Catholic Culture
Women of Grace
What Does the Prayer Really Say?
Homiletic and Pastoral Review
Vatican News

and because sometimes, I just need a humorous take on all those:

Eye of the Tiber
Creative Minority Report
Curt Jester
Ironic Catholic
Catholic Memes (there’s a whole lot more on FB, plus Tumblr)

Two ways I organize my news sources:
and when on Facebook, Lists, where I have lists for a) Pro-Life Leaders and Writers, b) Current Events, and c) my mom friends and other close friends who keep up with the same concerns.

Every so often, I go on Twitter to see what people are talking about, but I prefer getting my current events from the above.

I also like taking a peek at how the Catholic youth view their faith and current events from time to time, so I check out Catholic Tumblr blogs.

Note that many of these overlap in terms of the news they report/comment on. It goes without saying that I am not capable of reading all these sources every single day, so it just depends on what time I have. Sometimes I go on FB to catch up on news, sometimes I go on Feedly, other times I rely on friends and family to keep me informed. I try to not to overwhelm myself with too much input, especially during Lent. I process/digest things throughout the day — blogging and journaling helps at times — and when I feel that I’m inundated I shut things down and focus on prayer and family.

Hope that helps!

Caught My Eye 09.March.2013

Fascinating and creepy at the same time:

Google Glass: How It Feels

Contribute to Catholic Mom’s Project and help provide spiritual support for pregnant women (click on the pic to get there):
catholicmom — I just sent in my donation.

Heritage House is holding a Free Pro-Life T-shirt Survey at their site. Only thing is, I don’t know when the deadline is, if there is one. But may be worth a try: (click on the pic to get to the survey)

Heritage House National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day Survey

And this post from Erin made me scratch my head, shake my head, lift my eyebrow, say HM several times, and annoyed me a bit…. and then by the time I got to the comments it was… ho-hum. What haven’t we heard/read yet about homeschoolers? Maybe one of these days I’ll do a “Why We Homeschool” post, since it seems to be a popular topic these days. Even at the forum someone started a new thread, which is quite exciting — to be where we are now in our homeschooling life (going on 15 years I think), have a 21-year-old who’s almost done with college and doing well, have one going to college soon, and at least 3 more waiting in the wings…. and then seeing all these new homeschooling families just starting out. I’m not a pioneer by any means, but to some of the young ‘uns I guess I look like one :D. Anyway, Erin’s post: Homeschooling: Revenge of the Nerds?

And then this, from the Ruth Institute Blog: Homeschooling Not a Fundamental Right Says Justice Department. That same week I was listening to Al Kresta and, I believe, Michael Farris of the HSLDA, speaking about laws that are being attempted to pass or have already passed, etc. right here in the good ol’ US of A. Oh, here it is: German Homeschool Case May Impact U.S. Homeschool Freedom. Couldn’t find a podcast but it’s all covered in that article. Good to keep aware.

Interesting article on CSAs and health insurance rebates.

Lamest video ever, but I still couldn’t keep from laughing:

This one from the hilarious Eye of the Tiber blog: Catholic School Children Offended by Dumbed Down Homily.

Oi. Notre Dame again. Are there are any real Catholics left at that university? What are they doing?

Lastly, LOL:


The Things They Say

Mom: I injured my index finger last week, and now I injured my middle finger! What’s next?
Yena, 10: Maybe that’s why God gave you five fingers.

At lunch:

Mom: Wow, my finger is healing really well! I wish I had taken pictures to document the healing process!
Yena: Or, you could cut it again!

I bought some gummy vitamins again, something I don’t do all the time because I prefer the kids get all their nutrients via food/the sun :).
Nino can now take two gummy bears a day, so we give him one in the morning and one in the evening. He doesn’t quite get the concept yet so we tell him he can get the next one when it’s light/dark. This morning at breakfast:

Nino, 3: Can I have another gummy bear now? (after having his morning vite)
Mom: When it’s dark.
Nino: Why, Mommy? Why do you keep saying dark, then light, then dark, then light? [punctuates with frustrated groan]


15-year-old Paco, taking a biology quiz:

Mom, what are the three kinds of fish again? Cartilaginous, jawless…….

Mom: Uhm…. yummy, not so yummy, positively icky.

Aisa, 20, culinology student: Flat, round, and… and what’s the other one?

Mom: No, Ais, he needs the SCIENTIFIC terms.

Aisa: But that’s how we classify them, according to the way we butcher them!

Paco: No, no, no…. cartilaginous, jawless…..

Mom: Errrrrr…….. spineful?

Mom and Paco, googling: Oh, BONY!!!

Mom: See? I said spineful! Isn’t that the same thing?

Oy, The Things They Ask!

Sunday, after Mass.

The 8-yo: “Mom, what’s an orgy?”

Mom, after brief prayer to the Holy Spirit: “It’s a party where people go really wild and do bad things.”

8-yo: “Mom, are we going to have a snack later?”

Sometimes I think the Holy Spirit responds, not by giving Mom awesome wise words to share with her children, but by confounding their young minds so they shift focus IMMEDIATELY. JUST. LIKE. THAT.

(Sunday’s Second Reading was Romans 13:11-14.)

Kid Funnies

It’s a tradition in the family that when there’s a sick child, they get to eat whatever they want to eat, even if it’s something we don’t usually purchase/make (with the exception of really unhealthy stuff like candy and Spam). So this weekend when Yena was sick I asked her what she wanted Dad and Mig to buy on their home from the cycling trip. She wanted

“That soup, Mom.”
“What soup?”
“You know, the ‘cream of’?”
“Cream of what?”
“Uhm…. cream of tartar?”

Cleaning the basement today. Looks like the only way to get things accomplished around this house with a toddler in tow is to BE WHERE HE IS and clean that area. So while Nino was checking out the boxes of old unsorted toys, I took to getting rid of the old Franklin planner pages we had used through the years…. I’m still not that detached that I just junked them all… I’m actually going through each page to see if there’s “something important”… I did find two pages where I took notes of Aisa’s names for everything (when she was 6 — maybe I’ll post it sometime).

Nino, in the meantime, found a teeny-tiny rocking chair from the Playmobil line, gently put it on the floor right side up, and proceeded to try sitting on it. Thankfully he didn’t squash it. LOL, he has no concept of how big he is compared to the toy.

Too Many Brownies, QoTD, Faith Talking, the Menu, Devotion #2

It’s 2:09 am and yes, I’m still awake. Made allergy-free brownies for Aisa’s party with her college friends (+the Walshes) and I forgot that I made it with regular coffee, STRONG-BREWED even… and now everyone’s asleep and I’m still awake. I’m going to be dead in the morning, just when little one will be running around wreaking havoc everywhere. But yum. Haven’t made those in a while and forgot how good they were!

Yena’s Question of the Day:

“Mom, when I’m older, will I go through “the phase” too?”

What phase?

“You know, the one that Paco’s in right now and that Ate Aisa went through….?”

Oh, *that* phase. 😀

I love eight-year-olds!!

So Michael and Amy Walsh and Josh, Aisa’s friend, were talking and talking and talking tonight. Bibles (Douay, 2 NABs, Navarre AND Google — we couldn’t find our RSV-CE) on the table. I interjected a comment or two here and there. Aisa too, of course. But wow, *love* these conversations. I wonder if that’s the kind of exhilaration Augustine and his friends felt all those centuries ago…. talking about the faith, asking each other questions, challenging each other’s beliefs, reasonings, etc., mulling, turning things over, digging, scrutinizing. I *love* being around people with this kind of passion for Christ and for understanding His teachings. It probably could have gone on forever were it not for the kids who were sleepy and the homework (and real work, as in JOB) that the college studes had hanging over their heads…. but yeah, we have to do that again.

Elvin and Candice, if you happen to see this, we missed you. You would have loved it.

Oh and yeah. The menu. We made/served

spaghetti puttanesca
crisp spiced nuts
mild cheddar
smoked whitefish salad with water crackers (I promised Paco we were going to get this and we did, finally!)
warm lentil salad
olive oil citrus cake with grapefruit glaze (Yena made this), and strawberries
iced chai green tea
allergen-free brownies

Michael and Amy brought salmon fish head curry and quinoa
PJ brought some potato casserole with chex mix something that was all kinds of delicious
Alyssa (?) brought a marbled yellow/chocolate cake with chocolate glaze
Josh brought a mesclun salad topped with blue cheese, pine nuts and cranberries
Aaron brought palmiers and pastry cream
and Joe brought quinoa and his guitar
Navid brought chicken that looked very tempting (it’s Friday!)

So it was actually a feast, on a Lenten Friday, no less…. but there were reasons the party had to be held today….

while they use the world and the things of this life, they use all such purely and honestly, and no further than is needful for their condition—such are the truly devout.

To the devout, EVERY SINGLE THING can and will be and is used solely as a tool to draw oneself closer to the Almighty.

The Attack of the Colds. (And the Sleepies.)

Well, it’s official. The Summer Cold has invaded our family. Three of us are down. Tonight we allowed our 12-year-old to skip the family Rosary so he can sleep early — we were praying quite late because Dad and I got home around 9:30 from our dinner date (celebrating 18 years and 7 months of wedded bliss, yeah, baby!!). Well, the 6-yo who got it first pleaded that she couldn’t lead her decade because she’s got a severe case of the sniffles. Her Hail Mary’s sounded like this:

[sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif] Hail Mary, full of grace [sniffffffffffffffff], the Lord is with thee.

9-yo volunteered to take over and we were grateful… problem is, he’s got the sleepies, and his Hail Mary’s sounded like this:

Hail Ma[yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwnnn]ry, full of grace, the Loooo[yawwwwwwwwnnnnnn]rd is with thee….

it was one slow Rosary, I tell you. I wonder if the Saints who were hovering near were stifling yawns as well. Wait, there isn’t sleepiness in Heaven, is there?

Comedy of Errors, or a Very Special Kind of Corned Beef

Mama asks what we want for lunch. (Mama is visiting from St. Louis and helping out in the cooking department because I still can’t cook much.) She asks Tops (my brother who’s also visiting from Philly for the weekend). Tops wants corned beef.

We look for the tomato. Mama is convinced we had one more. Turns out Aisa chopped both tomatoes that Daddy bought, so we had already used them up. I said no worries. I have tomatoes somewhere, I know. But I can’t find the canned tomatoes that I transferred to the Prego jar…. hey wait, what about the freezer? Jar not here, but oh, here you go, Mama, here’s some red stuff.

Mama proceeds with the cooking. I’m in the next room, the study, trying to find our long lost lessons in two months’ worth of MESS.

Mama: Ikaw ba ang nag-puree nito? (Did you puree this yourself?)
Me: Hindi ko na maalala. (I can’t remember.)
Mama: Iba. (It’s different.)
Me: thinking… what would be different about it? Siguro nga po. (Maybe.)

5 minutes later.

Mama: May kulay. (There’s color.)
Me: thinking… why would there be color? I only buy natural stuff. Po? (Polite way of saying “really???”)

5 minutes later.

Mama: May, sigurado kang kamatis ito? (Are you sure these are tomatoes?)
Me: Bakit po? (Why?, politely)
Mama: Matamis! (It’s sweet!)

Me, finally going into the kitchen: Po??? (What?)

Finally seeing the way-different redness of the “frozen tomatoes” — Oh no!!!

It’s raspberry!! More accurately, raspberry sauce, for chocolate cake!

Me: Inilagay n’yo na po? (Have you used it yet?)
Mama: Kanina pa! (A while back!)
Me, looking at the purply corned beef in the skillet. thinking YUCCCCHHHHH….. : Baka po puedeng i-drain tapos lagyan na lang ng patis. (Maybe we could just drain it and add fish sauce.)
Mama: Nilagyan ko na ng asin. (I already put salt.) ‘Wag na lang nating sabihin. (Let’s just not tell them.)

Too late. Paco heard us talking and announced to everyone before lunch: Raspberry corned beef!!!

Needless to say, we were all laughing and joking all throughout lunch. Numerous references to the Friends episode where Rachel puts beef and peas in the trifle (warning: some material not suitable for kids). Mama says something about not trusting first-trimester pregnant women in the kitchen.

Good thing I have my own personal Joey (Dad).

What’s not to like? Potatoes? Good. Raspberry? Good. Corned beef? Goooooood!!!

Okay, he didn’t really say that, but he and Tops ate a lot. I love men with strong stomachs. Tops predicts we’ll be talking about this 5 years from now.

Yena is Funny

In bed this morning, still sleepy.

Yena: Mom, how long can nuns speak?
Mom: Depends on the order. Some nuns don’t speak a lot because they’ve taken a vow of silence, some can speak as long as they want.
Yena: Nuns can’t speak, but they can breathe, right Mom?
Mom: Yes.
Yena: I want to be a nun that can speak as long as I want.
Mom: Okay.

The other day, coming in breathlessly from playing outside with the newly arrived organic soil, pausing long enough to put her shoes on.

Yena: Mom, we’re going to put it in the wheelbarrel!
Mom: I think you mean “wheelbarrow”.
Yena: Yes, wheelbarrel!!
Mom: No, Yen, it’s wheel, barrow.
Yena: Oh. (trying again) wheelbarrel! (then laughing)
Mom: Try it: wheel…. barrow…
Yena: Reelbarrow!!
Mom: I give up.

At 3 am 2 nights ago… in the family bed…

Yena stretches, grunts, moans softly, like she’s dreaming…. then whines… and then, from the depths of her dreamy state: “…..bored…!!!”
Her dad and me? Laughing Out Loud. Only Yena can dream about being bored.