Another MHBB possibility

Anne in Oz keeps her hubby healthy with these herby salads. I’ve seen many of these mentioned in Prescription for Nutritional Healing so I’m trying to grow some of them again this year, but I was unsure how exactly to use them fresh. Now I don’t have...

MHBB 07 February 2008

1 and 2. Rice noodles tossed with Szechwanese meat sauce (leftover from Fat Tuesday) 3. pineapple chunks 4. sliced apples

MHBB for 04 Feb 08

1. Leftover chili from Superbowl Sunday Dinner 2. Rice 3. Carrot sticks and apple slices 4. Mixed greens with apricot-apple cider dressing


Japanese today: 1. Miso soup with shiitake mushrooms 2. Sweet wild rice rolled sushi — this was a Korean product that you cook 1 part sweet wild rice-3 parts regular rice. It’s a similar rice to the one we use for Filipino puto bumbong — this turned...


Lime theme today: 1. Lentil soup, made from a base of the leftover chili last night (the chili recipe will be at LTC — finished off with what else? A squeeze of lime 2. Rice, as usual — I asked him and he wants it in the BIG container LOL 3. Sliced grilled...