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Before You Vote #5: Obama’s Economic Proposals (Yikes!)

Economists Statement on Barack Obama’s Risky Economic Proposals: 100 Economists Warn That With Current Weak Financial Conditions Barack Obama’s Proposals Run A High Risk Of Throwing The US Into A Deep Recession

Barack Obama argues that his proposals to raise tax rates and halt international trade agreements would benefit the American economy. They would do nothing of the sort. Economic analysis and historical experience show that they would do the opposite. They would reduce economic growth and decrease the number of jobs in America. Moreover, with the credit crunch, the housing slump, and high energy prices weakening the U.S. economy, his proposals run a high risk of throwing the economy into a deep recession. It was exactly such misguided tax hikes and protectionism, enacted when the U.S. economy was weak in the early 1930s, that greatly increased the severity of the Great Depression.

In sum, Barack Obama’s economic proposals are wrong for the American economy. They defy both economic reason and economic experience.


Under Obama’s Plan, Joe the Plumber Would Keep .39 Out of Every Dollar After $250,000 — Come on now. Read it and understand.

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Before You Vote #3: ACORN, Obama, “Catholic” Support, the Financial Crisis and Voter Fraud

Dissing the Organizer: Obama, ACORN, and Catholic Action by Stephanie Block

It’s all about connecting the dots: Barack Obama, (Cafeteria) Catholic Support, Voter Fraud, and the Financial Crisis.

This is not what scripture or the Church teaches, of course. It isn’t enough that organizations acquire “good things” for their constituencies. They must accept and teach moral truth; they must be principled. A lying or bribing political lobby may win all its temporal battles, but it will have lost its soul.

Liberation theology isn’t Catholic. It doesn’t support the Catholic faith any more than it supports authentic justice or truth. It cannot, therefore, be considered Catholic Action.

Read especially this section halfway down the page and what follows after:

To achieve this, Alinskyian networks are engaged in “restructuring” activities of all kinds. On the political level, they work among the Democratic Socialists of America, the New Democrats, and the New Party, and the Democratic Party. In the economic arena, they have promoted and overseen the Empowerment Enterprise Community Zones in dozens of communities. They support universal health care and are experimenting with church-based health-care clinics. They have driven federal education “reform” and are insinuated in many school-to-work programs. In short, the programs they support involve centralizing benefits that effect larger and larger groups of people.

And don’t ignore this:

What did ACORN give us for that investment? Last year, The Seattle Times reported the biggest voter-registration fraud scheme in Washington history. Three ACORN employees pleaded guilty, and four more were charged for filling out and submitting more than 1,800 fictitious voter-registration cards during a 2006 registration drive in King and Pierce counties.” (Keith Ervin, “Three plead guilty in fake voter scheme,” 10-30-2007)

But that’s not all:

ACORN was a tremendous force for the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), created in the late 70s to force banks to make loans to low-income borrowers. Besides fighting for passage of this act, ACORN monitored banks compliance. Some analysts of the current housing crisis contend the CRA policies are in good part to blame. Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota), a member of the House Financial Services Committee, takes the analysis a step further. The “housing bailout” package signed into law to rescue Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae with an unlimited credit line not only increases the federal debt but also gives millions of dollars to La Raza and the ACORN. [Elizabeth Williamson & Brody Mullins, “Democratic Ally Mobilizes In Housing Crunch: Acorn Leads Drive to Register Voters Likely to Back Obama; New Federal Funds,” WSJ, 7-31-08]

It’s quite a web of deceit, ain’t it? But we need to take the time to understand what’s going on. The future of our country — and our children — is at stake here. Scared yet? You should be.

Bishop’s Conference Gave ACORN Over $1,000,000 in 2007
Rich Leonardi: Activity that amounts to organized crime
and the latest, 10/17
A 1997 article on ACORN/CHD. This was ELEVEN YEARS AGO!!! We’re just finding out about it now?
The Influence Of Saul Alinsky On The Campaign For Human Development

Here’s the rest of the “Before You Vote” series of posts.

For DH and DD’s Reading/Watching List (Election Watch)

Obama Worried Born Alive Infants’ Protection Act Would Be Too Burdensome on Abortionists, 2002 Transcript Shows

Cardinal Egan’s Remarkable Comment About Pelosi — I’ve linked to the comment in a previous post, but I’m linking to this so you can see Deal Hudson’s comments after the quote.

Pelosi gets unwanted lesson in Catholic theology

Archbishop grabs spotlight from Democrats — Yay for Archbishop Chaput!!!

And the stuff that doesn’t usually make it to traditional media:

Pro-lifers unfurl world’s largest sign at DNC — some folks were talking Guinness 😀

Prolife activists arrested at the DNC

2,500 Hold Vigil At New Planned Parenthood Clinic

Pro-Life Pastor Blasts Abortion, Obama at Democratic Party Faith Gathering

And from Newsweek:

The Democrats and the Abortion Wars from George Weigel

Above My Pay Grade?

Wow. I don’t get paid for what I do. Not monetarily anyway. But there are MANY MANY things I certainly would NOT consider to be above my pay grade. I *know* my baby has human rights even before he/she is born.

That argument about fetuses being just blobs/groups of cells? Sorry, not buying. People abort BABIES. They don’t abort TISSUES. If babies were merely tissue, you could just leave them alone and they would NOT turn into babies. That’s just an excuse promoters of contraception and abortion use, but it does NOT. MAKE. SENSE. But I digress…. let’s go back to my pay grade.

Isn’t it fascinating how some issues we moms (especially Catholic homeschooling moms like me) would never consider to be above our pay grade? Soooo glad I’m not a politician.

Still waiting on news re McCain and his VP choice. I hope and pray he makes the right one.

ETA: Thought this would make interesting discussion at lunch, so I bring it up to the kids. Their answers to the question, “At what point does a baby get human rights?”:

The 9-yo: “At 4 o’clock.” (That’s when they’re allowed to play music other than classical around here. It’s also the time they’re allowed to watch Cyberchase.)
The 12-yo: “At conception”, although based on recent happenings around here, I was anticipating him saying “When they’re allowed to get an iPod.”
The 6-yo: “In heaven?”
Me: “But those aren’t humans, Yen.”
The 17-yo: Yes, they are, mom. Man-in-heaven is eschatological man. (LOL.) Her actual answer, of course, is “at conception.”

Just FYI, starting at around age 7, they get a monthly allowance = their age. So the 12-yo gets $12/month, etc. Glad to see there weren’t any thoughts about pay grade, etc. to answer this question.

Some silly people were defending Obama’s answer, interpreting it to mean as “Only God knows the answer to that.” Riiiight. If you’re going to be in a position where you’ll be making decisions regarding human rights, you BETTER have a definite answer to that question. Taylor Mali’s “Totally like whatever” might have made more sense had he used that instead of “Above my pay grade.”

To quote,

I have nothing personally invested in my own opinions, okay?
I’m just inviting you to join me in my uncertainty?

What has happened to our conviction?
Where are the limbs out on which we once walked?

Where indeed.

Can You Believe This? Defund Planned Parenthood!!

My hubby does the taxes in our household — bless his heart — since our move to Ohio our taxes have been less complicated and we haven’t needed H&R Block like we did in the past, but still, I wouldn’t want to do it myself. Fortunately, I’m one of those people who really doesn’t have to worry about the taxes — hubby takes care of it — when there’s a refund, he knows what to do with it; when we have to pay taxes, he knows how to take care of that. But neither of us knew how much of our tax dollars ended up with organizations/businesses that we absolutely do not want to support HAD WE THE CHOICE. Talk about blood boiling. Not a very fun state of mind to be in in 90-degree Ohio weather, I can tell ya.

Want more? Here’s the Stephanie Simon article: Extending the Brand: Planned Parenthood Hits Suburbia. Read it and weep. If you like charts, look here.

They’re not satisfied with Black Genocide, now they’re going after the affluent too. I wonder who’s next on the list. Asians? Mexicans? Who knows…

Note: The Black Genocide website has some very chilling facts on its introductory page, but it only stays for a minute, then it takes you to the homepage, but nobody should miss it, so I’m quoting here:

The purpose of this website is to reveal the disproportionate number of black babies exterminated by the abortion industry in America.

Although black women constitute only 6% of the population, they comprise 36% of the abortion industry’s clientele. The leading abortion providers have chosen to exploit blacks by locating 94% of their abortuaries in urban neighborhoods with high black populations.

This high rate of abortion has decimated the black family and destroyed black neighborhoods to the detriment of society at large.

Combine that with Mr. Unrestricted Abortion Obama …. and what have we got, America?

You know what frustrates me? Several Catholic teens I know are not sure they want to support Obama or McCain. And yet they are very supportive of organizations like Save Darfur and Invisible Children. I love these kids to death, but man, sometimes I just want to shake them. America needs their support. America has dying children, and sometimes I think we just don’t see them.

And let’s not forget that PP’s so good at this, it’s even “reaching out” to other countries (International PP got its start in India, but got funding from PP USA early on):

Is that scary or what?


Wanna learn more about Margaret Sanger?

Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood, In Her Own Words
The Truth About Margaret Sanger

Can a Catholic Vote for Obama With a Clear Conscience?

Disclaimer: I know this is a controversial post. I am not looking to begin a debate about any of the issues. I am simply compiling these links and excerpts within to present the facts to my daughter, who is at the aqe (17) where she needs to think more deeply on these things. The conscience of a Catholic is between him/her and God. However, as a Catholic parent it is my duty to help form my children’s consciences. However they use their consciences when the time comes is up to them. I will not be in the voting booth.

Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion — General Principles
by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Important points:

From #1. The practice of indiscriminately presenting oneself to receive Holy Communion, merely as a consequence of being present at Mass, is an abuse that must be corrected.

Reverence for the Eucharist is paramount. This is Jesus that we receive at the altar. It is not some wafer that we partake of without looking at our worthiness to do so. We should be coming to the altar with clean hearts and clean souls, knowing that we are in full communion with Christ and His Church.

From #2. This cooperation can never be justified either by invoking respect for the freedom of others or by appealing to the fact that civil law permits it or requires it.

This answers your question about some of your friends’ beliefs, Ais. We can respect and tolerate everyone’s beliefs. We do not have the right to force our opinions on them. But that doesn’t mean we express this respect and tolerance by going against what is the very grain of OUR belief. We cannot vote based on respect for someone else’s concept of freedom.

Everyone has the right to drive a car, provided they’ve got a license. That doesn’t mean we should all be free to run over people anytime we want to. With freedom comes responsibility. True freedom only comes when we operate within the rules. Freedom on the highway doesn’t mean you can drive any direction at any speed you choose. Freedom means following the rules, making it safe for everyone and not just a select few.

From #3. There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia.

Dad and I don’t agree on the war. He doesn’t agree with the Pope 100% on this matter, but that doesn’t make Daddy a bad Catholic. However, on the issue of abortion, we do not (cannot, will not) go against the teachings of the Church. The Church is unequivocal about abortion and euthanasia being an EVIL, and rightly so. God giveth and God taketh away. We have no right to put an ending to what the Author of Life has penned. It is not our story to tell.

A Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in evil, and so unworthy to present himself for Holy Communion, if he were to deliberately vote for a candidate precisely because of the candidate’s permissive stand on abortion and/or euthanasia. When a Catholic does not share a candidate’s stand in favour of abortion and/or euthanasia, but votes for that candidate for other reasons, it is considered remote material cooperation, which can be permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons.

Now you get to compare Obama and McCain’s voting record. (pdf file)

We were talking about the “lesser of two evils” question. Here’s an excerpt from another LifeSite article (Can Catholics Who Vote for Obama Still Receive Communion?) that speaks to this:

As Bishop Rene Henry Gracida, of Corpus Christi Texas, explained in September 2004: “Consider the case of a Catholic voter who must choose between three candidates: Kerry, who is completely for abortion on demand, Bush, who is in favor of very limited abortion, i.e., in favor of greatly restricting abortion and Peroutka, a candidate who is completely against abortion but who is universally recognized as being unelectable. The Catholic can vote for Peroutka, but that will probably only help ensure the election of Kerry. Therefore the Catholic voter has a proportionate reason to vote for Bush, since his vote might help to ensure the defeat of Kerry and might result in the saving of some innocent human lives.”

I think the answer is quite clear.

Additional info:

Something that may be useful to you if you decide to write a paper on Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger: Margaret Sanger would have loved Barack Obama by Clenard Childress (a non-Catholic, BTW)

And an article that tackles why some Catholics support Obama: Roman Catholics for Obama ’08 by Paul Kengor

Lastly, don’t forget this: Obama’s Abortion Bombshell: Unrestricted Abortion Over Wishes of Individual States a Priority for Presidency

09/21/08, Edited to add:
Is it a sin to vote?