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It’s St. John Paul II’s Feast Day!!

my favorite pic of St. JPII, which i first saw in my hubby's carrel back when he was in grad school
my favorite pic of St. JPII, which i first saw in my hubby’s carrel back when he was in grad school

Our paper dolls came just in time! So we’ll be playing with those in the morning, hopefully while I read aloud Karol from Poland. “Hopefully” because we can’t find it right now, though Nino says it’s upstairs on his bookshelf.

We’ll start out in the morning with piernik (Polish honey cake), and if I’m feeling particularly energetic I’ll make pierogies for lunch. Luckily I picked up some kielbasa today at Paco’s request, so those will go nicely with anything and everything.

In the evening I’ll add barszcz (Polish borscht) since we still have some beets.

Wish we had gotten this book, but we’ll make do with the paper dolls, the bio, and this old favorite. I’ll also have the bigger kids read Evangelium Vitae, Crossing the Threshold of Hope, and I’ll resume my posts on Theology of the Body over at the FB page. I’ll also do some close rereading of my personal favorite, Love and Responsibility.

Oh, and I highly recommend this post from Jenn Miller. I just did a quick skim and will reread and ponder more deeply tomorrow. 🙂

Africa Unit Study, St. Charles Lwanga

How timely (and ironic, but more on that later) that we’re doing our Africa unit study and today is the feast day of St. Charles Lwanga and Companions! I’m keeping it simple (everyone’s still recovering, bad coughs all around) so we’re simply going to read from the Liturgy of the Hours, which includes a portion of the homily delivered by Pope Paul VI at the canonization of these martyrs of Uganda.

Here are some useful links:

Catholic Culture for June 3
Black Martyrs at the National Black Catholic Congress website
from Catholic.org
Amandazi from Catholic Cuisine — but since I’m stocked with African ingredients already we’ll stick with the menu plan for the day — these sound really yummy though
lots of information at the Women for Faith and Family website
found this link at 4real, to jclubcatholic, suitable for younger kids

Our library doesn’t have a copy of African Triumph by Charles Dollen and I didn’t look for it in time to purchase it for today :(.

Ironic that this day is the feast of African martyrs who gave their lives for purity and for the Christian faith, in a month which our African-American president declares LGBT Pride Month. These martyrs died just 125 years ago.

St. Charles Lwanga, pray for us!

From Liturgy of the Hours:

You have made the blood of the martyrs
the seed of Christians.
May the witness of Saint Charles and his companions
and their loyalty to Christ in the face of torture
inspire countless men and women
to live the Christian faith.
We ask this though our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Preliminary Confirmation Prep Plan for Paco

  1. Study of the Saints
  2. The Holy Spirit, Virtue and Habit Formation, Service
  3. Scripture, Tradition, Catechism and Apologetics
    This list is currently overkill, so we’ll have to be picky about which sections to cover.

  4. Salvation History
  5. The Sacraments
  6. The Holy Mass
  7. Christian Literature
  8. Vocations/Theology of the Body

Resources for Dad and Mom

Letters to a Young Catholic (Art of Mentoring)
Before I Go: Letters to Our Children About What Really Matters

These books were either culled from suggestions at the 4Real Forum or were used during dd-18’s own confirmation preparation years.

The plan is to use this as the bulk of our curriculum for this coming year (we’ve already been working on a few of these this past year so some are just continuing), only adding Math (Saxon) and Science to the mix. I’m thinking we’ll have to pare down on a bunch of these still as it may be too much even for one year’s worth of coursework. I’ll update this with the final plan when we get back to the US and gather the rest of our resources.

Note August 10, 2011:

We are now in Migi’s confirmation preparation year so I’m looking back at this and re-evaluating. Paco ended up doing 50-60% of this list. I’ll probably have Migi pick just one from each category, since he has a full curriculum as well. Portfolio not optional though 🙂

Honoring St. Augustine (and his mom)


“Our hearts were made for Thee, O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in Thee.”
Sero te amavi pulchritudo tam antiqua et tam nova!” (Late have I loved thee, O Beauty so ancient and so new!)

Lots of reading and activities here.

Today, we are remembering St. Augustine. Yesterday, it was his mother‘s memorial. These are two of my favorite saint stories — the mother who prayed unceasingly for her wayward son, soooo unwaveringly faithful, that he turned away from sin and became a saint. Here’s what St. Augustine had to say about his own mother. How can a parent not be inspired?

I keep wondering what St. Augustine and St. Monica and all the rest of them are saying up there in heaven after his words have been severely misused by those down here.

And for those of us who are just that wee bit crazy about Latin, here’s a very timely lesson (w00t! This will take us several weeks to dig into!) from Context, Pelosi. from Aliens in this World. Gotta say though, if Pelosi reads Latin, I can’t help but be mighty impressed. But then again, as the Spartans said, *IF*.

We are lucky enough to be the owners of a couple of older volumes by St. Augustine, found at a book sale, they used to belong to a priest! DD-17 has been reading parts of Confessions for her Theology of the Body class, so this is great timing. Especially since she’s graduating at the end of the week, she’ll have PLENTY of time to delve into more of St. A’s works.