The Mary Garden spreadsheet is now a Google spreadsheet which you can view here.

The list of Mary’s flowers was taken from Mary’s Gardens: 100 Plants For A Larger Mary Garden. The spreadsheet includes information on each flower, i.e., by Latin name, ordering link (some are obsolete, and I’m working on updating them), Type (Annual, Perennial or Biennial), Common Name, Religious Name, Height (average, or whatever I found for the seed/plant that I bought/plan to buy), Spacing required, Sun Exposure required, Color (usually the one I bought/plan to buy), Water requirement, and other info gathered from websites/catalogs/books.

On the spreadsheet, I forgot to add that PS = Partial Shade, FS = Full Sun.

ETA: 9/16/07. I’ve been reading Mary’s Flowers by Vincenzina Krymow — what a wonderful book! It even has meditations and illustrations, etc. I bought the book months ago to get free shipping at Amazon and just really read it today. I’ve started updating the spreadsheet with additional information supplied by this book. Now the only thing left is to figure out WHERE I could possibly fit all these plants that I plan to have in the garden! Mary’s waiting…. Right now all I have near here are some hostas and liatris…. I’d like to move her at some point to a permanent grotto, maybe tufa that the kids and I will make, with maidenhair fern trailing from top to bottom…. that would be nice….