This is a continuation of Part 1, where I showed you how to make dumpling wrappers using a pasta machine. The technique shown in this post is more rustic, but works just as well.


Mix dough ingredients in a bowl or food processor. Flour a platter or line with wax paper. Knead dough lightly on floured surface until elastic, then divide into 80 pieces or so, each about the size of a regular gumball.


Roll out each piece into a round about 3 inches in diameter.


Follow instructions for filling and pleating the dumplings in Part 1.


Now that they’re cooked, there’s nothing left to do but to chow down.

This is a basic dumpling wrapper that contains nothing but flour and water. A more enriched dumpling wrapper is available containing egg. If you want, you can add an egg yolk into your dough to replace some of the water.