Don’t know much about her yet, but I’m excited. Apparently she’s VERY pro-life. This is looking REALLY GOOD. Be back later.

McCain chooses Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for V.P.



article about Sarah Palin’s choice — gives me goosebumps!

As Eric Pavlat says, “… Palin? That’s “change.” — The kind of change one can get excited about!

SBA List President Statement on Sen. John McCain’s Vice Presidential Selection

Rod Dreher is liveblogging.

From Erin Manning at And Sometimes Tea

Argh! You know what frustrates me most? I’m less than an hour from DAYTON! But preggers and preparing to leave tomorrow, not to mention I still have Mount Washmore to conquer…. I’m staying put 🙁

6:12 pm – found a transcript from today’s Dayton event

12:05 am, Saturday

Just got back from our household half an hour ago and was going to post my comments re the transcript from this afternoon/evening — but then I came across Elizabeth’s post and it already says everything I want to say about Sarah Palin. I can’t help but be thankful and even more trusting (in the Lord’s providence) tonight. Yup.

One more and I’m turning in. H/T Elizabeth

More praise for Sarah Palin

Okay I lied. One more: She cooks! If I had any doubts before about voting for her, they’re gone now. Every foodie loves a foodie 😀 .