We got the remnants of Hurricane Ike 2 weekends ago — strong winds (strong enough to break in half our basketball pole, luckily no one was hurt) but no rain. We didn’t have power for 24 hours. Luckily we just had Aisa’s grad party that Saturday, and on Sunday when we lost power we had gas (fortunately we had the foresight to switch the stove to gas when we moved here — it’s good to have two sources of fuel) and the grills. And 10+ bags of premade pizza dough from the party (we made almost ALL the dough recipes from Peter Reinhart’s American Pie).


These were Neapolitan dough, I believe, but I grilled them on the gas Weber outside. Topped with my favorite toppings (sopressata — just the smell of this brings me back to Italy, mix of mozzarella-asiago-provolone, crushed tomato sauce, and sliced onions)… you know it’s good when your 9-yo proclaims it “better than Pizza Hut!” You bet.