Boil together in a pot large enough to accommodate a large salmon fillet (this was enough for 6 people):

water (enough to cover salmon when you put it in)
2 bay leaves
a teaspoon or so allspice
a tablespoon or so whole black peppercorns
a tablespoon or so sea salt

When boiling, gently add salmon, cover pot, and turn off heat. Let poach 15-20 minutes.

Drain salmon and set aside on cutting board until cool enough to handle, loosely tented with a piece of foil. Cut/Pull off skin gently.

In a small bowl, mix together

mayonnaise (or Vegenaise if you’re allergic to eggs like my dh is)
Dijon mustard
dried or fresh tarragon
dried or fresh dill
freshly squeezed lemon juice

Serve salmon topped with mayo-mustard sauce.