Read aloud: Galimoto

Art activity: Make your own galimoto with different grade wires from the hardware store. More ideas here.

Read and narrate: Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. (3rd grade and up)

Continue to work on African Saints today.

Mom: Food Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa provides a wealth of information that can be used for the African scrapbook — can also be used as a jump-off point for further unit studies/rabbit trails.

Today’s Menu, from Food Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa:

Green Plantain Chips, p. 21 or Akara, p. 22
Mango Fool, p. 33
Hibiscus Tea steeped with lemon grass and flavored with vanilla or rum extract
Suya, p. 41

(optional — a more involved stew maybe for dinner: Palaver Sauce, p. 31)