such consistency in the human race is rather rare

Hm. So the goal is to be one of the rare. 😀

Petty gossiping, lies, laziness, vanities seem to worry many people very little

Hm. I admit I have not really been bothered about these because I don’t gossip, or lie, or give in to laziness or vanity, *to the level that I did* when I was in HIGH SCHOOL.

BUT, to be perfectly honest…

I am not 100% perfectly free of these things…. which, unfortunately, means, I’m not a saint yet. I try to stay away from them most of the time, but there is definitely room for improvement or even complete elimination of these behaviors.

This is an admission them, that I am indeed stuck in mediocrity.

(I am starting to find it funny how often overeating is mentioned in this book. Not one of my major faults, but I suppose it is a universal concern.)

A wish is a velleity, a mere weak desire that leads nowhere.

We know what needs to be done, but we are loathe to do it.

“What we know has very little effect on how we live.”

Sobering, sobering thought. Thank you, Fr. Dubay.

Today: Re-reading CCC 388-421