Suzanne over at the forum bumped up Nancy’s old thread on meatless soups, so I’m putting together a compilation of old posts here in case it would help.

It’s soup season still, so I’m hoping to update old posts with pictures that got lost when I switched blog hosts and forgot to renew our old image hosting.

Here are some yummy meatless soups:

Black Bean Chili
Sopa de Mariscos
Creamy Forest Mushroom Soup
Lentil Soup with Kale
Filipino-Style Pumpkin Soup
Soupe au Pistou
Greek Shrimp Stew
a rather pricey, not really for Lent type of soup, but it is meatless: Zuppa di Tartufo Nero

and here are some soups that can be adapted for Lent by omitting the meat ingredient or subbing with seafood, or meat substitutes:

Barley Soup Johri’s Talvo
Chickpea Stew with Spinach and Chorizo
Lentil, Kale and Sausage Soup